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Online Payment Instructions


We are excited to announce the ability to pay online.  This program will allow you to create your own account and manage all your payments with ease.  You can make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments (auto-withdrawal) with a bank account all from your own account for free.  Here are detailed instructions on how to sign up:

1.        Simply go to www.mutualofomahabank.com and at the top left hand corner it will show “Make a Payment”. Click on “GO”.  Select the “Make a payment” under the “Pay be eCheck” option.  Here you can log on to previously registered accounts or you may register at the bottom right hand corner that states “Create an Account”.

2.       Fill out the registration form completely and click “Register” (this should bring you to the home page)

3.       At the home page, click “Step 2: Manage Property/Properties”.  Fill in the form as follows:

a.       Click on “New Property

b.      For the Type select “Association”

c.       Type in your property address

d.      Management Company ID: 7511

e.      Association ID: RM01

f.        Property Account Number:  This is going to be your subdivision and lot number.  It won’t accept spaces and characters so if you live in Porter’s Crossing #222 you would type “porters222”.

g.       Click “Save” and your property is entered!  If you have more than one property, follow the directions again to add each additional property.

4.       At the home page again, click “Step 3: Manage Payment Accounts”.

a.        Click on “New Account

b.      Fill out the form and click “Save”.  If you have more than one method of payment, follow the directions again to add each additional payment method.

5.       Now you are ready to make a payment!  You can click on “Make a One-Time Payment” or “Manage Scheduled Payments” to set up for a recurring payment. 

a.       Please set up your scheduled payments with the “Ending: End on” option as far as possible.  Then you can come back and stop it at any time. 

b.      Once you have the list of dates showing your scheduled payments, scroll down to the bottom and click “Confirm Schedule”.  Any scheduled payments should show up on your “Manage Scheduled Payments” section.

If you have any questions or need further assistance signing up, please contact our office at 801-789-7900, we will be happy to assist you.