Delegates are elected by the homeowners to represent them (the homeowners) in their area of the Ranches. Homeowners may contact their District Delegate by "clicking" on their name listed below. 

District #1 Red Hawk Ranch:
Jeff Topham
Sundance, Crittenden Corner, Rockwell Village,
Diamond Springs, Castle Rock, Chimney Rock, Point Lookout

District #2 Prairie Gate Ranch:
Christa Kelley
Eagle’s Gate, Showdown, Mt. Airey, Simpson Springs, Kennekuk, Friday's Station, Stonebridge

District #3 Eagle Mountain Ranch
Hidden Hollow, Hidden Canyon

District #4 Circle 5 Ranch:
Lone Tree
District #5 Oquirrh Mountain Ranch 

District #6 Saddle Rock Ranch:
Tyler Shimakonis
Ruby Valley, Ash Point

District #7 Smith Ranch:
Steve Cain
Rush Valley, Liberty Farms, Jacob’s Well, Saddleback,
Three Crossings, Porter’s Crossing, O’Fallon’s Bluff

District #8 Lake Mountain Ranch:
Brenda VanWagoner
Freemont Springs, Kiowa Valley, Eagle Top, Sunrise @ Kiowa, Skyline Ridge

District #9 Cold Springs: 
Sub-HOA townhomes

District #10 Willow Springs:
Sub-HOA condos

District #11 Highlands at The Ranches:
Sub-HOA single family homes

District #12 Highlands on the Green:
Sub-HOA single family homes

District #13 Rock Creek:
Sub-HOA condos

District #14 Plum Creek:
Sub-HOA townhomes

District #15 Heatherwood on the Green:
Sub-HOA townhomes

District #16 Mt. Airey Village:
Sub-HOA townhomes

District #17 Northmoor/Southmoor:
Brad Bishop
Sub-HOA single family homes

District #18 Village @ Simpson Springs:
Sub-HOA single family homes

District #19 The Cove @ Rock Creek:
Sub-HOA townhomes