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Board Officers

Josh Schreiner: President
Adam Olsen: Vice President
Brady Pitcher: Secretary/Treasurer

Board of Trustees:
Josh Schreiner
Brady Pitcher
Adam Olsen
John Linton
Jon Celaya
Jon Barclay
Tyson Dewsnup

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The Ranches Homeowners Association
3688 E. Campus Dr. Ste 101
Eagle Mountain, UT  84005
PH 801-789-7900 FAX 801-789-7877

Friendly Reminders

                                        Homeowners please be respectful of your neighbors. 
                                                                       - Clean up after your pets.
                         - Make sure your kids are using designated play areas to play baseball and other sports
                                                                     - Do not dump in vacant lots
                                                 -Do not throw your grass clippings over your fence
                                                                  -DO SMILE AND WAVE OFTEN!!!
                                                                               Thank you!! :)

                                     Congratulations to our Snow Man Contest Winner!